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צור קשר

Data Analysis
with Python

קורס זה נועד להכשיר אנשי פיתוח\עיבוד נתונים\ניתוח מערכות לפיתוח בשפת התכנות Python בדגש
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Course Description

Python is among the most popular programming language exists, and by many means,
the most useful one.
In this Python course you will learn how to program with this popular development language as
well as working with related packages for operating with data.
The first part of the course will cover all Python essentials : installing, data types and creating
variables, input and output, decision making and repetition, iterators, list comprehension and
functions. He also covers variable scope, modules – creating and using pre-built ones, object
oriented programming, inheritance, exception handling and using data structures.
The second part will cover the most important libraries for data analysis:
Numpy is the fundamental package for scientific computing with Python. A good understanding
of Numpy will help you use tools like Pandas effectively.
Matplotlib is a widely-used package for scientific graphics. This part will include an
introduction to the matplotlib objects, to their basic functionalities and a survey of the
basic plot types.
Scipy is Python-based ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science,
and engineering and the "parent" of the Numpy & Matplotlib among others

Course Duration

40 Academic Hours (5 Days )

Target Audience

System Analysts, Data Professionals & programmers with programming skills who want
to upgrade their skills with one of the most popular programming languages focused
with Data Analysis.


Basic fundamental programming skills in any language

קורס Data Analysis   with Python מועבר ע״י יניב ארד, מבכירי המדריכים והמנטורים הטכנולוגיים בארץ  ,

הכשיר למעלה  מ 6000 אנשי פיתוח בלמעלה מ 450  בעשרות קורסים למתחילים ולמתקדמים .

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